Workplace Giving

The Firefighters Charity Fund is a workplace giving organisation.

Our motto of “everyone giving a little means a lot” embodies the philosophy behind our workplace giving program. Thanks to the generosity of many firefighters and corporate staff donating a small amount every week, the Fund is able to support a variety of charities, and our own community through FireLegacy.

Deductions occur pre-tax, and an FRV FF1 donating 0.15% would amount to only $2.09 per week.

While a few dollars isn’t a lot, donated regularly and by many, it allows the Fund to contribute significantly to charities and causes that hold special significance to our industry, such as burns treatment and cancer research.

Signing up as a contributor is straight forward. Simply download and complete the form for your organisation, scan, and return to the email address shown on the form.

Payroll Authorisation Forms

Until both payroll systems are fully harmonised, FRV contributors will need to sign up with the form that aligns to their previous organisation.

MFB Payroll authorisation form (PDF)

CFA Payroll authorisation form (PDF)

If you’re not an employee of FRV you can still make a donation via one of the methods listed on our donations page. If you have any questions please contact us.