SO Peter Boyle Reg No 2882

It is with regret that I advise all personnel that Retired Station Officer Peter BOYLE (Reg No 2882) passed away after a lengthy battle with illness on 27 February.

Peter joined the MFB on 14 February 1975 and retired on 17 October 1994 after almost 20 years dedicated service the MFB and the community.

After recruit training Peter went to FS 1 on ā€œDā€ Platoon and later, as a Senior Firefighter, he transferred to the Training College as an instructor. After being promoted to Station Officer Peter returned to FS 1 before returning to the Training College once more. Subsequent transfers saw him being stationed at FS 1, FS 23 and ultimately at FS 32 ā€œDā€ from where he retired.