Do contributions allow me a tax deduction?

All donations are tax deductible, those donating from their payroll, through Fire Rescue Victoria’s workplace giving scheme (deductions pre-tax), will have their contributions detailed on their group certificate to claim at tax time. You will be sent a receipt if you donate via ‘Give Now’. Cheque payments will be acknowledged and a receipt provided.

Where does the money donated to the Firefighters Charity Fund go?

The Firefighters Charity Fund donates money predominantly to one of four types of core charities each year (children’s health, burns care, mental health, and cancer care or research). The recipients will vary yearly. Money is also allocated to support other charity fundraising activity conducted within FRV and to FireLegacy.

How can I become more involved with the charity?

Opportunities will exist to become a work location representative from time to time. Members of the public who have skills that can assist the charity are encouraged to contact us.

Do you give to the same core charities each year?

The core charities will focus on 4 areas: children’s health, burns care, mental health and cancer care or research. The individual recipient charity in each area will vary from year to year.

Who decides where the money goes?

The Board of the Charity Foundation Inc., which is the Trustee for the two charities, decides which charities will be recipients of donations, and how much the donation will be.

Their decisions are based on needs, history, research, and suggestions from contributors.

Who can contribute to the charity?

Employees of FRV can contribute to the charity by arranging weekly payroll deductions.  Members of the public can donate by using one of the methods listed on the donations page.

Can I do weekly payroll deduction to the charity even if I don’t work for FRV?

Yes, please contact us for payroll deduction forms and bank account details.

Do we need to sign up to the Firefighter’s Credit Union?

Contributors don’t need to sign-up to the Credit Union. Contributions whether made by payroll deduction or one off donation will be directed to the Charity’s account without being a member of the Credit Union.

What proportion of donations is used for administration costs?

All positions in the charity are honorary and voluntary. We manage our administration costs by negotiating reduced fees or pro-bono work from legal and accounting professionals and generous assistance with stationery and other smaller items.

We do, however, have to pay statutory fees, some accounting fees, and compulsory insurance. We aim to continue to distribute at least 98% of donations received.  Our long term aim is is that our total administration expenses will be offset by interest income received on our bank accounts.