Our Story

The employees of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Melbourne (firefighters and corporate staff) have a long tradition of supporting charity and for helping each other in times of need. Their role in employment is to “protect the community”. Charitable work is an extension of this commitment.

In early 2009 a small group of firefighters met to discuss a more co-ordinated approach to charitable efforts throughout the MFB. They identified that there were two main areas of fundraising within the MFB, the first being the support of external charities (such as the RCH, the Alfred Burns Unit and various cancer networks) and second the support of individual members (or their immediate families) in times of need.

Extensive research into the nature of charitable funds, workplace giving, ATO requirements, Consumer Affairs requirements and successful schemes of a similar nature was undertaken prior to formulation of this model.

Firefighters Charity Fund Melbourne contributes funds to various major charities (including donations to our core areas of children’s health, burns, cancer and mental health) in Victoria, and to FireLegacy.

FireLegacy is a fund that assists our community and their families when they are put under financial stress due to the costs of medical conditions and their treatment.

The Charity was developed with the full support of both the MFB and UFU. The Board of the Firefighters Charity Fund is an independent body, with all Board members being MFB employees.

Our Logo

The charity fund logo represents to us the relationship between the fire service and people in need. It’s part of our every day job and it’s what Firefighters Charity Fund Melbourne and FireLegacy is also all about.