Firefighting is an amazing profession, one where teamwork and helping those in need is part of the privilege of being an emergency service professional. However, we face risk and danger as part of our calling and the long term effect of this can have serious adverse effects on our health and those around us.

FireLegacy is not just about us, but also a way of us directly helping people in our community who are in need due to the costs of managing serious medical illness and disability.

FireLegacy is not a replacement for health fund insurance or WorkCover and would only apply to those who remain in financial stress due to the cost of treatment required. It is a recognised Deductible Gift Recipient with the ATO and registered as a “necessitous circumstances fund”.

These applications for help will be governed by strict confidentiality and the recipients would need to be nominated by a contributor to the fund.

Fund contributors can access an application form from their work location charity representative or from the FRV intranet or by emailing the Firefighters Charity Fund. The recipient does not need to be a fund contributor.