Suggested Will wording

To include a bequest to the Firefighters Charity Fund in your will, simply provide the following wording to your solicitor.

You can also specify how you’d like your bequest to be used, e.g. “Firefighters Charity Fund or FireLegacy”.

Suggested wording

” I give to FIREFIGHTERS CHARITY FUND MELBOURNE the sum of $…………………………../ or x % of the residue of my estate free of all duties and deductions to be used for its for its general purposes. The receipt of an authorised officer of the Firefighters Charity Foundation shall be deemed a sufficient discharge for my Executor.”

* Please insert an amount: Consider leaving a percentage of your estate rather than a dollar amount. If you leave a dollar amount, the value of your bequest could be significantly eroded over time by inflation.

** Please insert the type of bequest: We prefer bequests for “Firefighters Charity Fund”. This gives us the flexibility to direct the funds where they are most needed.

You are welcome to take a copy of this suggested will wording to your solicitor.