Why do other companies participate in workplace giving?

The reason the whole idea of giving money to such a cause was that a couple of the guys at work were directly effected by cancer ( children /wives). A few of us got together and collected  a one off donation at work to give to the guys.  When we gave it to them they said they would donate it to KIDS WITH CANCER and CANTEEN.

When they mentioned this, a couple of us asked if it was possible to donate to these charities on a weekly basis through deductions from our pay. We did some investigating and got some representatives  from the charities out so they could speak to the guys on the workshop floor about  donating on a regular basis. Once they came out and spoke, forms were given out to the employees so they could fill out all of their details and how much they to donate on a weekly basis. These donations are deducted from their pay on a weekly basis. ( you donate as much as you want)

Around 30 employees donate to these charities from our work.

There are a couple of reasons why I think that it is a good idea. First of all, at some stage in everyone’s life, they will be touched by cancer directly or indirectly. I feel that by donating, I can at least help people have a better quality of life (ie through camps and research).  You just never know when you might need one of these charities. Secondly it is all tax deductable, and you do not miss the money as it is going to a good cause.

I hope this helps.