p hunt

SSO Peter John Hunt Reg No 2862

VALE – Senior Station Officer Peter John Hunt  26.09.47 – 12.09.13


Senior Station Officer Peter John Hunt Reg. No. 2862 joined the MFB on October 4th 1974, as a member of Recruit Course No. 13.  Throughout his career Peter has always been committed to enhancing his skills and has completed training in Breathing Apparatus, Hydraulic Platform, RZ tester, Rescue, Medical First Responder, MK3, MK4, CBR, Fitness Leader, Wild Fire1 & 2, Dangerous Goods Course, Certificate 4 Workplace Trainer and Assessor, Flames presenter and Officer Promotional courses.

Peter had been stationed throughout Central and Northern Zone Stations, as well as a period of time in the Dangerous Goods Department, and Alarm Assessment.

Peter was heavily involved in the MFB charity running club from 1980 to 1992.  During this time he represented the MFB with distinction in numerous events including, Run to Portland, Edwards Lake 24hr run, Peaches & Cream festival Cobram, New Zealand relay event, numerous inter service events involving the military, ambulance and police.  These events raised many thousands of dollars for charities that include The Spastic Society, Paravics, Royal Flying Doctor, Nerve Deafness, and many more.

Peter was instrumental in the success of the inaugural Around Australia run in 1983, which involved approximately 50 athletes and support crew covering in excess of 15,000 Kilometres over a 6 week period, running 24 hours a day.  The planning of this event was a tumultuous task, which Peter was heavily involved in, together with training the athletes and participating as a runner. The large amount of media coverage that was generated throughout Australia enhanced the profile of the MFB.  The event was run to raise funds for the Red Cross Society of Australia and generated many thousands of dollars for them.

Immediately following the Ash Wednesday Bush Fires in 1983, Peter developed an idea to raise funds for the CFA firefighters appeal by arranging for the MFB Running Club and firefighters in general to undertake a relay run around the streets of Melbourne.     The event ran continuously for 96 hours and raised $89,000.00 for the appeal.

Peter has always had an interest in fitness, giving of his time and skills freely to assist others both within the MFB and with external athletic groups.  Peter completed 12 months of study to become a fitness leader, and has continued to encourage his peers in health & fitness.

Peter has represented the brigade with distinction at many community and allied events, he was an inaugural member of the MFB “Brunswick Festival – Tram Pull” team, which was victorious in 2000.  Peter has represented the MFB at 5 “World Police & Fire Games” and received 16 gold, 1silver and 5 bronze medals for his endeavours, together with breaking numerous records some of which still stand today.  At the time of his passing Peter was a member of the MFB swimming club, and held the position of honorary treasurer.

In 2002 Peter joined the Gear Equipment Appliance Recording System (GEARS) project team to develop a process to improve the vehicle and equipment management system within the MFB.    In this capacity Peter was the driving force behind the implementation of the standardised cabin layout and folder system, which has been introduced throughout the fleet.

Peter will always be remembered with great respect by all that knew him.    Thank you to Neil West for providing this “snapshot” of Peter’s career and his passion for taking the MFB into the community.