SFF Rodney Keith Brown Reg No 2138

It is with great regret that I advise all personnel that Retired Senior Firefighter Rodney Keith BROWN (Reg No 2138) passed away on the 8 January last.

Rod joined the MFB on 7 May 1965 and retired on 14 March 1984 after almost 19 years of service to the Brigade and the Community. After his initial training at FS 1, Rod transferred to Eastern District where he served at FS 22, FS 20, FS 26 and FS 28.

The MFB has a proud tradition of members following in the footsteps of their family and the Brown family is no exception. Rod’s brothers, the late SSO Ted Brown and retired SO Terry Brown also served the Brigade and community for many years. In later years Ted’s son, SO Wayne Brown (26C),  and Terry’s son, LFF Andrew Brown (25B) followed in their fathers and uncle’s footsteps to carry on the family tradition.